Roger Becker
Dr. rer. nat. Roger Becker, CEFA
    Biologist & Investment Analyst
         (Founder of Life SciCon)

Life SciCon GmbH is a consultant for the Life Sciences Industry and to Institutional Investors active in this sector. With our expertise in Molecular Biology and Pharmacology/Toxicology and as acknowledged professionals in the capital market, we provide our clients with the highest degree of service and quality. We are a private Company, independent from Banks and Investment Houses. With a focus on Equity Research, Corporate Finance & Capital Markets for Start-up and Small/MidCap situations, especially Growth Companies, we support management and stakeholders of such companies in executing their growth and financial strategy. As advisors and financial analysts, we evaluate companies, provide fairness opinions, and conduct impairment tests. Based on the market expertise of our institutional partners, we consult companies to obtain financing in the Private Equity and public markets. It is the natural conflict of interests in the capital markets arena that we understand to moderate based on a fair representation of assets and resources. As a partner of the Company's management we try to objectively match interests of banks, issuers, and the investment community. We secure the quality of our work with high professional standards and a profound experience pertaining to partners and employees. Our consulting practices are governed by the DVFA (German Association of Financial Analysts and Asset Managers).

          Our Business Focus

  • Providing fairness opinion and corporate appraisal
  • Conducting due diligence and impairment tests
  • Supporting fund raising in all phases of the business cycle
  • Designing corporate strategy relating to financial and pipeline concepts
  • Assisting in corporate planning, financial planning, and business development
  • Initiating and maintaining Investor Relations pertaining to corporate funding / placement



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Life SciCon GmbH

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Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter: Dr. Roger Becker, CEFA